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polar bear1

Meeting a polar bear is one of the most beautiful and perhaps terrifying experiences you can imagine (moreso for humans than polar bears). Of course seeing one at the zoo or in a wildlife documentary is nothing like seeing one in the field, its is own natural habitat.

polish station.pngAre you intrigued by the fascinating arctic nature and interested in how research is carried out? Then this is your chance! You are invited to develop a project and win an arctic expedition.

STEM flictrThe first EDU-ARCTIC introductory webinars for teachers, which will help them to learn more about the project's educational tools, are scheduled to start on Wednesday, the 4th of January, 2017 with additional broadcasts on the 10th and 19th of January.


2Christmas is coming! We are doing the cleaning, baking gingerbread and decorating the Christmas tree. In a while, we'll sit down together at the Christmas dinner table. However, not everyone will spend this time with their families. The employees of both the Polish polar stations in the north and the south will celebrate Christmas thousands of kilometers far away from their homes in Poland. They will celebrate in a traditional way, but under different circumstances.

start4We proudly announce that our highly anticipated EDU-ARCTIC project portal has been launched! Learn more about it and find out how to register your school for an online lesson!

Potsdam2From historical perspectives of travelling through permafrost to new approach for dissemination of climate change research, the Franco-German workshop series “Gateway to the Arctic” is an approach of bringing together young scientists from different disciplines of the natural, human and social sciences, who have interests in the polar and circumpolar regions. 

Turkey collageOn October 28, EDU-ARCTIC Project Leader, the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences (IGF PAS) had the honour of hosting representatives from four Turkish Ministries (national education, labour, health and family, and social policy) at their premises in Warsaw during a week-long visit of the Turkish delegation to Poland. The delegation had great interest in the experience of IGF PAS in obtaining EU funding for education and outreach projects.

From October 12th to 16th, one of the EDU-ARCTIC project's partners - the Observatory of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin (UVSQ) in the Department of Yvelines, France - hosted open door days and a science fair as part of France's annual "Fête de la science" events.

From Wednesday 12 October to Friday 14 October, different sections of the UVSQ opened its doors to more than 750 high school students from the Department of Yvelines near Paris, as well as a senior class of students from the Finnish town of Mikkeli. Students had the opportunity to see some of the equipment at he university in action and ask questions to the scientists conducting research there.