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The project consists of five components

EDU-ARCTIC programme layout


EDU-ARCTIC is an EU-funded project focused on using Arctic research as a vehicle to strengthen science education curricula across Europe. 

 Project introductory videos in English, Polish, Danish, Icelandic, French and Norwegian - PROJECT VIDEOS


Encyclopedia about the Arctic region, explaining polar phenomena and scientific terminology in nine categories

Latest News

Winners from the 2017 Arctic Competition

The winning projects from the Arctic Competition last year had a wide range of subjects, from SOS backpacks to waterbloom in Arctic waters.

Faroese expedition

When I opened my mailbox among many e-mails that I get every day, one especially attracted my attention.



aysekaraul I will off line 10 day along.. I will be within @scientix_eu , @space_awe and @eduarctic and #t%C3%BCbitak projects and reports.. See u 2nd term..
11:40AM Jan 23
MalenUsabiaga Aupa gazteak!
11:01AM Jan 21
nerantzis Congrats Good luck to all of the participants
02:47PM Jan 20