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Why use games in a classroom?

For many reasons! Because it’s fun, engaging and very efficient. While playing games, students develop a variety of connections with the content and form positive memories of learning. However, it can be sometimes quite difficult to implement game-based learning and ‘gamification’ techniques to the everyday teaching.

This is why we launched a whole new category on Polarpedia – Games and Quizzes. Here you can find a variety of activities: online games (crosswords, matching games, wordsearch), quizzes (kahoot etc.), worksheets related to EDU-ARCTIC lessons, experiment scenarios, boardgames, quests and mobile apps.

Most of them are available in English, some are in Polish, Russian, Italian. This cathegory will be developed constantly.

So engage your students, play, print, download and install – enjoy our ready to use, Arctic-related resources.

If you want to contribute with your materials based on Polarpedia, online lessons etc. Please write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we’ll upload them with your credits.