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The incoming projects where very well done and inspiring to read and look at. The students delivered essays, videos or original posters, well done! The Winners come from 3 countries: Poland, Greece and Italy and are from 14 to 19 years old. They will be participating in Arctic excursions to the Faroe Islands and to Iceland, where the EDU-ARCTIC team is looking forward to welcome them. The winners are (in random order):

  • Wojciech Kromólski and Łukasz Dziarski from the 3rd of May Constitution School Complex in Pobiedziska Letnisko, Poland. In his winning project Wojciech constructed a device to investigate the thermal conductivity of various materials, seeking new solutions for the North.
  • Jan Makowski and Piotr Malesa from Lodz University of Technology School Complex in Łódź, Poland. Jan´s project is about investigating human immunity in the North.
  • Julia Grabarkiewicz and Aleksandra Lipnicka from the 3rd of May Constitution School Complex in Pobiedziska Letnisko, Poland.Julia invented a useful backpack tent, protecting against the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic.
  • Aleksandra Sobańska and Liliana Kuźniewska-Skrycka, St. Jan Kanty III High School in Poznań, Poland. Aleksandra´s project was about studying the water blooms in the Arctic.
  • Vassiliki Deligiorgi and Stelios Anastassopoulos from 4th Upper High School of Karditsa, Greece. His project was about the behavior of sheeps.
  • Angelica Perghem and Giulia Bagnara from Fabrizio Filzi High School in Rovereto, Italy. Angelica wanted to use her photography skills, to prepare a science interactive children book.

It was great seeing all the engaged young students and thank you all for the participating, very good work and we hope to see even more awesome projects prepared by young people from the whole Europe next year.