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This event was a special edition for ambassadors. The 30 most active Scientix ambassadors and 16 Next-Lab ambassadors attended the event. In total 61 participants from over 23 countries joined the event.

EDU-ARTIC, ER4STEM and ERIS projects were also present and run excellent workshops.

We started with 10 min. presentation entitled: The Arctic and Polar research for STEM education: EDU-ARCTIC and ERIS projects. It was followed by two 45-min. workshops on the EDU-ARCTIC tools. Online lessons module were presented in details and teachers had a chance to connect with Dagmara Bożek-Andryszczak, who spent two years at Polish Polar Stations (both in the Arctic and Antarctica) and Piotr Stankiewicz, teacher – practitioner and EDU-ARCTIC methodology expert. Short competitions based on polar issues and EDU-ARCTIC portal were also conducted with polar puzzles as prizes.

The general reception was very positive. Teachers had a chance to get familiar with 5 EDU-ACTIC components. We welcomed 17 new teachers, who registered on portal, from Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. We are excited to have therefore 2 new countries on board: Finland and Turkey.

The next opportunity to promote EDU-ARCTIC on teachers’ event is coming soon: 23-25 June the 15th Science Projects Workshop by Scientix will host us again.