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Good things come to those who wait! Be invited for the lesson about Arctic and Antarctic - we will focus on Polish research stations on Spitsbergen (Polish Polar Station Hornsund) and King George Island (“Arctowski” Polish Antarctic Station).

3,000 km north and over 14,000 km south from Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Polar stations located far away, “in the middle of nowhere” are fascinating for the many, but accessible for the few. How the typical day in a research station look like? Where the food supply, and technical materials come from? Who work in polar station, and what should one do to become a member of the expedition?

There might be a lot of such questions, and I try to answer them. Especially, when I spent 2 years of my life in those two unusual places.

Presenter: Dagmara Bożek-Andryszczak