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Follow me into the secret world of freshwater pearl mussels in this webinar. Seldom heard about, yet one of the most long-living animals on Earth. Historically an exclusive resource for Kings and Queens, and sadly today an endangered species in need of protection.

The freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera - meaning "the one that carries pearls forward") is one of the most long-living species in the northern rivers. It can live for more than 200 years in northern parts of Europe (only for about 100 years in central Europe). The freshwater pearl mussel can clean 50 litres of river water in 24 hour. Growth patterns on its shell can also tell us a lot about the nature and climate in the river they live (for example, the presence of pollutants). And I am sure you wonder: does it produce beautiful glittering pearls? Enrol for the webinar, and you will find out!

Presenter: Paul Eric Aspholm