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We had come to Poznan for the Edu-Arctic general assembly meeting hosted by American Systems. Since one of the winning schools was from Poznan and the other from nearby Łódź, the two teachers Lila Skrycka-Kuźniewska from Poznan and Piotr Malesa from Łódź took the initiative to invite us to stay a bit extra and visit the schools in both towns. We were grateful and very exited.

A special day in Poznan

Tuesday morning on the 13th of March the four of us from Edu-Arctic, Agata Goździk (Edu-Arctic project manager), as well as Lis Mortensen, Barbara Biskopstø Hansen and Gunnleyg Ihlen from the Faroe Islands, arrived at the school in Poznan, III Liceum Ogólnokształcące ( We were graciously invited to a rich coffee table at the Principal Jana Kantego’s office. We were joined by Alexandra Sobańska and Jan Makowski, our two students from last year’s winning teams, their teachers Liliana Skrycka-Kuźniewska and Piotr Malesa as well as Tomasz Kozera, the principal of Secondary School and College of Technical University of Łódź. Principal Kantego presented the school and afterwards we handed a small token from the Faroe Islands, a book with photographs. Later we joined the special Edu-Arctic Day along with several classes of students from the school. The Edu-Arctic day was hosted by two students. Alexandra and Jan presented with excellence their winning projects from last year’s competition, while their teachers Liliana and Piotr with intusiasm told us all about the arctic expedition to the Faroe Islands organized for the winning teams of the arctic competition.

The legendary city of Poznan

After the inspirational Edu-Arctic Day the group enjoyed a walk through the old part of town and visited the Museum of Poznan’s History located in the renaissance Town Hall in the old square of Poznan. This visit was timed so well, so we were able to watch the legendary show of the Poznan’s goats in the Town Hall tower.

On our way to Łódź

The next evening after the Edu-Arctic assembly meeting a group of five, Liliana Skrycka-Kuźniewska, Alexandra Sobańska, Lis Mortensen, Barbara Biskopstø Hansen and Gunnleyg Ihlen, travelled to Łódź to visit at Łódź University of Technology High and Middle School. In Łódź we were welcomed by Piotr Malesa and Tomasz Kozera. We visited at the town square Manifaktura, and had dinner at a restaurant in this unique town area of a former manufactural factory. What an impressive site that is able to embrace the history of the place as well as it serves as a highly modern and peculiarly flexible town square for the citizens of Łódź.

Yet a special day in Łódź

The next morning we met at the principal office of xxx for yet a rich breakfast table with many tasty Polish specialties. Principal Kozera invited us to yet a splendid breakfast where we met with several of the teachers and staff of the school. We also had the opportunity to meet with several young and elder students as we toured around the building. They organized a special Edu-Arctic day that we enjoyed along with a large group of students. Alexandra and Jan had the opportunity to present their winning projects to the audience. Their teachers Liliana and Piotr presented the winning team’s journey on the arctic expedition to the Faroe Islands.

Lis Mortensen had a short presentation and handed the school a book with photographs from the Faroe Islands.

Visit at the Centrum Nauki I Techniki

After the successful and enjoyable Edu-Arctic day at the Łódź University of Technology High and Middle School we joined a very special school visit at the new exhibitions of the Centrum Nauki I Techniki ( and which promotes STEM learning with great professionalism and creativity. We were so occupied with the visit at center that we had to break it after a few hours, - as time was flying from us.

Our final visit: dinner at Jan Makowski’s home

Our last leg on this eventful journey in Poznan and Łódź was to visit, Jan Makowski’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Makowski, who live just outside Łódź. They were so kind to invite the whole group for a fantastic Polish dinner that we will never forget. We met with the whole family and we tried special and very delicious Polish dishes that we had never even heard about before.

What a fantastic conclusion to a truly memorable visit to Poznan and Łódź. This made an impression that will stay with us forever. Thank you!

This visit showed us what huge impact the Edu-Arctic programme can have on participating schools, students and teachers and it also showed us the opportunities for valuable and unique cultural encounters that is a natural spin-off of such a programme.

From Edu-Arctic team and from the Faroe Islands we say thank you, Lila and Piotr, for taking the initiative to this visit, and thank you to all the generous people we met on our visit in Poland.

We can truly say that what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.


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