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The project consists of five components

EDU-ARCTIC programme layout


EDU-ARCTIC is an EU-funded project focused on using Arctic research as a vehicle to strengthen science education curricula across Europe. 

 Project introductory videos in English, Polish, Danish, Icelandic, French and Norwegian - PROJECT VIDEOS


Encyclopedia about the Arctic region, explaining polar phenomena and scientific terminology in nine categories

Latest News

What is Arctic Tundra Doing With Carbon Dioxide?

The tundra is a biome - an area of land that has specific plant and animal characteristics within a particular climate zone. Tundra is located mainly in the Arctic in the northern hemisphere, and covers approximately 20% of the Earth's surface.

EDU-ARCTIC Invites You to Lessons Straight from Antarctica!

The EDU-ARCTIC Consortium is happy to announce two online lessons to be broadcasted directly from Antarctica! 



WldlifeDefence What is #Arctic #Tundra Doing With #Carbon #Dioxide ? | @scoopit
08:29PM Mar 28
eduarctic ONLINE LESSON tomorrow on 29 MARCH at 09.00 UTC "POLAR LOW", only 2 places available - ENROLL NOW here: #arctic
02:32PM Mar 28
eduarctic Ice cap in place for millions of years is on track to vanish. #eduarctic #research #STEM #Education
06:39AM Mar 28