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Norway - Workshop

The EDU-ARCTIC team has the pleasure to invite teachers from schools registered on the portal to submit their application for participation in the Educators’ Forum in Norway. This workshop will be dedicated to schools and teachers from northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Færø Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard).


How to apply?
Fill in and submit application form on EDU-ARCTIC portal by JUNE 5, 2017 by clicking "Register now" button.

How many teachers can participate?
Between 20 and 25 teachers will be selected for this workshop. The criterion is the degree of participation of teachers in the project, calculated as EDU-GAME points, collected till the deadline of registration. Among the applicants, the highest scorer from each participating country will be selected. Remaining admissions will be awarded at our discretion, based on EDU-GAME points, your country and your need for a travel grant. If you declare to conduct a short presentation (ca. 10 minutes) or a poster during the Educators’ forum, on how you use EDU-ARCTIC program in your classroom, you will increase your chance of receiving one of these remaining admissions.

Who will cover the cost of travel and accommodation?
Organisers will arrange and pay for hotel accommodation (one night, including meals) for all participants. For participants who receives a travel grant (for which you apply in the application form), the organisers will also arrange and pay for your long-distance round trip tickets (by flight, train or bus). Please note we have an upper travel budget of approximately 350 EUR per person. In case of travelling grants, arrival and departure times must be finally settled by June 20, 2017 (you will receive a survey to provide us with this information). All participants, irrespectively of travel grants, will arrange and pay for local transport, such as car parking or shuttle to and from airport. We will not reimburse any tickets purchased individually. Moreover, if you fail to attend the workshop after the cancellation deadlines given by our travel and venue agents (to be announced before June 20), you will have to reimburse the costs. We therefore strongly encourage you to arrange for a travel insurance covering such expenses.


DAY 0 (17 Oct) – arrival and check-in at hotel for long-distance travelers

DAY 1 (18 Oct)
9:00-9:30 registration (& check-in at hotel for those wishing to stay overnight and participate at NATURFAGSKONFERANSEN 2017 being arranged in Oslo the next day. Please note that EDU-ARCTIC only covers the cost of one night at the hotel).

9:30-10:30 INFORMATION session (welcome, philosophy and functioning of EDU-ARCTIC program)
10:30-10:45 coffee break
10:45-12:00 INSPIRATION session (travelogue from the winner of the EDU-ARCTIC Competition 2017, lecture from Svanhovd –  one of the polar stations hosting the EDU-ARCTIC Competition 2018)
12:00-13:00 lunch
13:00-15:00 TEACHING session (using polar research and EDU-ARCTIC in teaching, presentations from teachers using EDU-ARCTIC tools in their own classrooms)
15:00-15:15 coffee break
15:15-17:45 PRACTICAL session (training session with portal, exchange of opinions and practice)
17:45-18:00 Wrap-up of the day

Final agenda and details on venue and hotel will be sent to confirmed participants at least 10 days before the workshop.
If there are participants staying overnight until the Oct 19, we will arrange for dinner at the hotel.

In case of questions, you may contact:

Paul Aspholm

NIBIO, Svanhovd