We want users to participate freely in EDU-ARCTIC, but we also like to have fun. We therefore encourage internal EDU-ARCTIC competition among users.The more you participate, the more points you get.For every activity here you will get EDU-ARCTIC points. The first three users with the highest number of points will get precious prizes: Online lesson broadcasted from the Polar Station in Hornsund or from the Arctowski Antarctic Station, dedicated to their classes only. The lessons will be organised at their own convenience as far as time is concerned. Students will be involved in two-way-communication. It is a unique opportunity and we encourage you to win such a lesson for your students.Moreover, the top 50 teachers and top 10 schools will be awarded with special certificates for innovative educators and institutions.

Online lessons

  • 40For every online lesson you will participate
  • 40For every survey about the lesson you will fill in

Arctic competitions

  • 50For every student’s application you will submit
  • 100If your student gets to the next stage of evaluation
  • 200If your student wins
  • 40For survey about Arctic competition

Teacher workshops and Training Sessions

  • 200For participation in the EDU-ARCTIC workshop
  • 40For survey about Teacher workshops

Monitoring system

  • 50Once you register
  • 10For your regular participation (weekly)

EDU-ARCTIC surveys

  • 200For general survey you will fill in (we will send you surveys)
  • 40For every survey about the online lesson you will fill in
  • 40For survey about Arctic competition and Teacher workshop


  • 5For each comment you will provide

Top(5) teachers

Emilia M. (Poland, PL) 7835
Beata S. (Poland, PL) 7605
Aleksandra L. (Poland, PL) 7000
Agnieszka J. (Poland, PL) 6240
Nikolaos N. (Greece, GR) 5775

Top(5) schools

Zespół Szkół im.Konstytucji 3 Maja w Pobiedziskach Letnisku (Poland, PL) 14680
III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. św. Jana Kantego (Poland, PL) 11735
II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. A. Mickiewicza (Poland, PL) 7605
ZSOiZ w Mońkach . Technikum (Poland, PL) 6240
6th Junior High School of Thessaloniki (Greece, GR) 5775

Top(5) towns

Pobiedziska (PL) 14680
Poznań (PL) 12325
Mońki (PL) 11850
Słupsk (PL) 8365
Warszawa (PL) 7015

Top(5) countries

Poland (PL) 91525
Romania (RO) 17990
Greece (GR) 13300
Serbia (RS) 6870
Croatia (HR) 3435